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What's up, April? (The month, not the chick.)

What an amazing event!

I attended Boston's North Shore Author Event last weekend and let me tell you—it was incredible. Well planned. Laid back. The readers were too damn cool and the other attending authors knocked my socks off. Can you say fangirl? This is the author photo. See! Look at all the awesome.

I strongly suggest, if it's within your ability, to attend NSAS 2017.

Another fun part was getting to spend so much time with my new Aussie friend, Lesley Jones. Oh boy. She's amazingly talented, but always fun to be around. We may have tossed around an idea or two for a secret project. (insert devil horns)

We'd be mobbed, but think of all the juicy angst. hahaha

I guess, stay tuned.

What am I working on?

Reggie. All Reggie.

I took a few days and reread what I had on The Very Second Time, and I think I'll pop in and out of that manuscript, but something is drawing me to Reggie Warren's story.

Maybe it's the music I'm listening to, or the fact that Roots and Wings was so carefree, but I miss the emotion that lives in the pages of a Wake book.

So that's where I'm focused at the moment.

In the coming days expect a Knot cover, and possible some info on a Wake series boxset with BONUS Casey and Blake chapters. (eeeep shhhhh!!)

Other than that I'd like to give you some quick info on other things:

Shirts are available again!

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I have new paperbacks in stock, including ROOTS & WINGS.

ROOTS & WINGS is FREE with KindleUnlimited. Have you read about Mutt and Vaugn yet? Does Astro ever get his rubbers?

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Bait is only 99¢ Take the bait and then yell at me with your friends... if your ready. lol Click here →

People are finding Fade In after reading Roots and Wings... they both have a rom-com feel, so that makes sense.

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And the summer is just beginning! Are you attending an event where I'll be signing? I'd love to meet you. Be sure to reserve your event copies today.

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Authors included in this giveaway are:

A.D. Justice, Ahren Sanders, Allison Gatta, Bella Love-Wins,Bev Elle, BJ Harvey, Brooke Page, Calinda B, Carina Wilder, Celia Kyle, Chloe Cole, Christine Bell, E.M. Gayle, Elise Black, Eliza Gayle, Elle Christensen, Elle Thorne, Emerson Shaw, Emily Minton, Emily Walker, Emma Nichols, Erin Hayes, Eve Vaughn, Fan. X, Flora Dare, Harmony Raines, Hazel Hunter, Heather C. Leigh, Heidi Jo B, Hilary Storm, Ilsa Madden-Mills, Isabelle Richards, J.M. Miller, J.M. Walker, JC Andrijeski, Jenni Moen, Jennifer Dawson, Julia Kent, Kate Kent, Katherine Rhodes, Kathryn M. Crane, Kerry Adrienne, L.B. Dunbar, L.V. Lewis, Laura Ward, Lexi Buchanan, Lexxie Couper, Lia Davis, Liliana Rhodes, Lillian Cartier, Lisa Suzanne, M Mabie, M. Stratton, M.C. Cerny, Mandy Rosko, Marie Mason, Mel Balle, Mia Sheridan, Michele Bardsley, Michelle Dare, Nicole Blanchard, Niquel, RE Butler, Sarah O'Rourke, Scarlett Dawn, Shelley Springfield, Stacey Lynn, Suzanne Rock, T.M. Franklin, Tracey H. Kitts, Velvet Reed, and Z.B. Heller

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