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the Knot Duet / Contemporary Romance
Book One


He's a one-woman man, and she's the one woman he can't resist. Begin this intense story, spanning years of lust, friendship, love, and heartache.

I wasn't looking for Nora Koehl, and she sure as hell wasn't looking for me. We were two people speeding in opposite directions. Our relationship was born out of lust, curiosity, and compromises neither of us intended to keep.
Being with one person wasn't Nora's style, and I refused to share her.
Then everything changed, and together we bent every rule we'd ever made... until they broke. Our need for each other led us to the lies we told. Mistakes we made.
We're tangled and twisted--bound by our desire--but anything less than all of Nora will never be enough. Now this knot in my stomach only gets tighter, wondering if I can accept and love her for who she is.
Will it even be enough for her to love me back?

praise for Twisted Desire

The Knot duet is vastly different from so many formulaic romance books out there today. With each turn of the page, the angst is there for the taking and you can't help but be on edge from beginning to end. It's never an easy journey but it's one filled with true emotion and longing. Not to mention the tension is so damn sexy, you need a fan to cool down.

—MJ Loves to Read


There are not enough words. The writing is MO at her best. Best. Best. The dialogue, the characters, the depth. You feel every single emotion. The passion is at an explosive high. I cannot even touch how badly these words set a fire to my every walking emotion.This is such an unbelievably, must read duet. Read this story. Right now.

—Yvette, Books and Bandanas

Holy h e l l. This book has ALL the feels!!! Will they? Won't they? Can they? Should they?
Nora and Reagan are on quite a roller coaster ride, but fortunately, there are as many laughs as there are screams. The downs take your stomach, but the ups. Lord, the ups. they have you busting with joy. Yummy, yummy joy.

—Kelly Ann

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