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Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy 2014


Tatum Elliot is a successful writer on a hit television show. She lives in an Upper East Side apartment and loves her life. She wouldn’t change a thing. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a choice.


As Tatum trips over her tongue and her four-inch heels, she all too quickly realizes that the things that appeared so important are slowly slipping out of sight. With the support of her best friends, family and colleagues, she begins to see that there’s much more to life… and herself.


When Ben Harris enters her life as her new personal assistant, she can’t tell if it’s his good looks and charm that are working on her libido, or his kind and helpful nature working on her heart? Whatever it is, neither one of them can resist it.


As her vision fades out, a world of love and happiness just might…Fade In.


Fade In is a contemporary-comedy romance about laughing through tears and telling life to, quite frankly, “Suck it.” This novel is vulgar and contains wickedly, sexual situations that the author may or may not have tried at home… for your safety, of course.


Research is research.


praise for FADE IN

This is a book chock-full of emotion and angst, but it was also incredibly sweet and fun to read. I loved every minute while I was reading it. It was one of those books that I kept eyeing how much was left with sadness because I didn't want it to end. Immediately upon finishing it, I got back on Amazon and bought a print copy for my keeper shelf. This is a first book from M. Mabie and it blew me away. She's earned herself a new fan right here!!!

-Smitten with Reading


Something that really made me adore this book was its abundance of humor. If it wasn't Tatum's spitfire attitude or Ben's lovable big mouth, it was the outrageous moments involving everyone else. It's chalk full of moments that'll have you in fits of laughter. (One in particular had me almost hyperventilating because it involved a recreation of a certain Lion King scene without the animals...) Bottom line: the humor in this book will make you smile and laugh ridiculously. Enjoy that.

-The Never Ending Book Basket


It doesn't surprise me that 95% of the amazon reviews for this book are either a 4 or 5 star! There aren't too many authors our there that can make you literally laugh out loud while reading. M. Mabie is one of them. These characters that she has created were real and so fun to get to know.

-Up All Night Book Blog



Now this is my kind of jam! Unique story line. Great Characters. Load of humor. Blogger turned indie author. What more can you ask for? Author, M. Mabie’s got real talent, folks! I’m definitely picking up what she is puttin’ down!

-Bookie Nookie

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