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I get these questions a lot... 


If you have anything you'd like to know, never hesitate to send me an email or contact me through the website. I'm an open book. Whether it's about blogging, promotions, writing or my books, I'll be happy to answer best I can. 

You were a blogger? Do you still blog?


I was a blogger, but not in a commercial sense. I didn't use affiliate links, I didn't do special newletters on sales or upcoming releases, I didn't do many tours, cover reveals or release day events. 


Basically, I was a reviewer. I did receive some ARCs, but, for the most part, I purchased books that spoke to me. A lot were ones that were doing well at the time. 


My review style was a little off the beaten path, but it worked for me. Besides, authors who contacted me seemed to love it. 


I always knew I wanted to write my own books, but I also knew that it was more than just having a story. I spent my time dissecting plots and characters, settings and value. I paid attention to editing styles and formatting, covers and prices. I absorbed as much as I could. 

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What do I do if I'm pissed about Bait?


Join the club. No. Literally, there's a group on Facebook called Take the Bait. It was formed by readers who needed to vent. It's an enviroment where you can commiserate with other's who've been through it.  


They scream at me, but mostly they just love Casey. 


Warning: The group has grown with the series. There are spoilers for Sail and Anchor in there. 


Join Take the Bait HERE.

Will your books be available in audio form?




I'm working on that now. It's a long process and, as it turns out, I'm very picky. You can expect the Wake Series in audio soon. When I have more details about it, I'll be sure to post them here.


Do you do pre-orders?


Sometimes. That's not saying I always do—it simplydepends on the book and how much time I have. 


However, I love the thrill of a live release day . There are days when writing is tough, words don't flow, things don't go your way and it's a struggle. However, releases always make those hurdles worth it. I get a lot of joy from the excitment of a live release.

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