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the Knot Duet / Contemporary Romance
Book Two


She doesn't believe in monogamy, but her heart belongs to one man. Read the epic conclusion to TWISTED DESIRE and find out if love really can conquer all. 

I'm lying to myself, but I can't stop. 
At least, not until Reagan's hands bring me to life. He lays claim to me like no one else and makes promises I can’t keep.

I push him away because he deserves more, but wherever I go, he always pulls me back.
My heart is tethered to his. Across miles. Through every lonely night apart. The feeling of him never goes away. 

Love never lets go.

praise for Tethered Love

Reggie and Nora’s story is so moving with all of its twists and turns, ups and downs and every possible emotion brought forth on the pages as you move through their story. There will be moments you hate, moments of frustration, and then there will be moments that will be you to tears with a heart full of feels.

—Mrs. S


What is not to love about this book it’s incredible and filled with angst. I was left breathless and heartbroken through most of the book. Reagan and Nora have this amazing love that will rival anyone else’s. It has never come easily but when it’s true love it’s worth the struggles and pain. This book gives you the closure you need and leaves you in a happy place. Mo is my queen of angst and no one does it as well as she does. 


A great conclusion to Nora and Reggie’s story. It’s full of angst, heartbreak and intensity. I enjoyed reading about their journey as they continue to overcome obstacles and insecurities. The chemistry and gripping emotions keep you captivated from the beginning. 


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