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Thanksgiving with the Mayor

A Steamy, Romantic Comedy, Holiday Short Story


This is a steamy, romantic comedy short story.

Lena has a good thing going on. The perfect, no-strings attached relationship. Casual hook-ups. An adventurous partner. She's completely satisfied.

Or is she?

Returning home for Thanksgiving, she finds way more than just pumpkin pie and turkey. Her younger sister Katie is dating her secret booty call, and she has no idea how to handle it.

On one hand, they have a casual understanding and are free to date whoever they want. On the other, she's not interested in sharing and has to accept the very real feelings she has for the only man who has ever made her feel truly alive. Hopefully, he feels the same way.

It's sure to be a memorable Thanksgiving, and one Lena and the mayor won't soon forget.

*Thanksgiving with the Mayor was originally released in the well-loved F*cking Awkward Holidays Collection of Short Stories in 2016. It has been re-edited and slightly added to. Please NOTE it is a short holiday read, but it's big, big fun!

Approx: 6000+/- words

Thanksgiving with the Mayor pb no spine.
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