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Fireside Friday: The 55¢ Story

Like I've said before, some of you are true OGs, but there are many, many of you who are new to me. In an attempt to show you all more of who I am, Fridays through September, I'm going to tell some stories about me, my life, and some of the people I love. So, there will be some of you who know this story already, but it just feels right to begin here.

Danny and I met and began dating in 2001. A twenty year old lighting sales associate and a nineteen year old drummer, working in sign shops—both of us doing what we had to to make the ends meet.

Sometimes the ends met (barely).

Sometimes (often) they didn't.

But over those first few years, we learned how to somewhat budget. It was trial by fire. And it wasn't like we had a bunch of debt, but there was some and some that we didn't take seriously for a while. For those of us who didn't have a lot of financial education, that's sort of common, I think.

I let you know all of that to say this: we were HAPPY. Broke and in love and having the best time just working together to build a little life. Often, it didn't even feel like we were stretching every dime.

This particular day, we'd paid our bills, filled up our cars for the week, and made it out of the grocery store with only $0.55 left. Total. Like that's all the money we had. And we just felt grateful and thankful and good.

So 55¢ became something we would right on notes to each other, kind of like "Hey, we have all we need. Everything will be fine." We had it inscribed inside our wedding bands. I named my book blog after it, and that was the beginning of finding my path and my grabbing my passion. We see 55s everywhere and it always feels like a good luck charm to us.

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