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Let's see. What's new?

Let's get down to business, and get some things straight.

Roots and Wings is a light-hearted, fun read. A slow burn, friends to lovers story. I love all the angst and drama as much as the next girl (remember Bait?), but sometimes you just want a good, old fashioned love story. ​

Things you'll enjoy about Roots and Wings:

  • Sexy dentist

  • Spunky, take no crap heroine

  • All the swoons (MEGA swoons)

  • REAL people

  • Sexy boat shenanigans

  • AND it's free on Kindle Unlimited!

The book's cover is beautiful, but don't be fooled. There are some HOT scenes in there. It is, by no means, a "sweet, closed door" romance.

Like the cover says, "Who knew small town romance could be so hot?" hahaha Thanks, Meghan.

Signed Paperbacks Available now here on the site. Click here.

I'd love to hear what you think of Mutt & Vaughn... and the whole town. Also, who do you think should be next in the City Limits series?

I always wanted to take a second to thank everyone for sharing, reviewing and recommending this book to their friends. It makes my heart blow-up and my eyes sweaty when I hear you're loving the small town of Wynne. Thank you.

I'm not going to take much time off, I have a few other projects I'm ready to dive back into . Knot, Reggie Warren's story. You remember him right? And The Very Second Time. This book is a challenge in the best way. I think some books are a straight, start to finish, body of work. Not this one. It's complex and I'm happy to take my time with it. I think it deserves that.

Don't be a stranger; I'm always around. Thanks for everything! Have a great weekend... and happy reading.

Yours, Mo

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