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Where do I even begin?

So the past few weeks have been crazy. I'll be brief.

Bait's release was. Eventful. It was down to a gnat's ass. After getting the files back from my formatter, just in time to make my release day, Amazon held Bait hostage. First, it didn't show up for over 10 hours at all. Then, it showed up, but without those helpful buy buttons. It was tense.

Memes flew. I sweated. They were going to release my book. Weren't they? Nope. Plan B. New release day. I rolled with it. October 13th's release turned into October 14th's release and then it got REAL fun.

Bait was live and, magically, it was everywhere. Bloggers shared. Authors shared. My friends and family shouted it from the rooftops, "Everyone come look at what Mo did!" It was overwhelming and blissfully so.

*Side note here are the links in the event you didn't see them

Amazon paperbacks: Amazon: US UK Amazon: CA Amazon: AU

Barnes & Noble:



Signed M.Mabie paperbacks:

Then they read. Coalitions were formed. #TeamBlake #BlakesAHo #TeamGrant #GrantsGay #ILoveCasey #CaseyIllBeYourHoneybee #MMabieIsATwat (That one is true.)

It got wild.

And, by the grace of the Smut God Fabio, the damn thing sold. Like s o l d. I never thought that even 200 people would buy and read Bait. Buy you bought it in spades beyond my wildest dreams. For crying out lout, it's a book about cheating with a cliffhanger!(Which I still feel sorta bad about, but what could I do? ;) And when they loved it they loved it hard. Support groups formed on blog pages. Book besties had lively chat threads while they read and agonized together. Readers started making trailers and teasers - because they wanted to.

*Sidenote: If you need support after reading Bait, don't go it alone. It's much more fun to yell at scream at me with others. Join the Take The Bait Group on Facebook. Click here to join.

In short, the last few weeks have totally changed my life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

If you've read Bait (or, consequently, Fade In to cheer you up after Bait) please leave a review on any platform you see fit. Amazon. Goodreads. Or any of the other retailers where you can buy it. They make a huge difference.

I love you crazy masochists and I'll be working hard to get Sail finished and release as soon as I possibly can. My goal is January when I have a date with my editor already scheduled. Fingers crossed Blake and Casey go easy on me and my fingers dance quickly over these precious black keys.

You've made me a very, very happy honeybee. <3

PS: I think the Sail Synopsis should be up on Goodreads later this week. Boom.

PSS: I'll be focusing fans to this site and my newsletter more in the days to come where I can control who sees what I share instead of relying on Facebook to do that for me. Facebook is free. I pay for this page. It's only smart that I begin using it properly. Ya dig? Plus, I have a lot to tell you all about the Queen City Author Signing. It was epic.

And here's the amazing trailer that Toski made me. Thanks, Toski. I'm going to keep you forever.

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