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Things are getting exciting.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Major progress has been made in the Bait manuscript, a Street Team/Readers Group "The Mo Stash" has been created, I named the companion novel to Fade In and started flagging and highlighting in preparation for an outline, a shipment of Fade In paperbacks have showed up at our door and signed copies are being sent out, the cover for Bait has been solidified and a date set for the pubic reveal (Thursday, June 5th).

So, yeah... I've been busy.

My fingers are steadily typing pages and I'm thankful for the approach I took with this series. It is proving true that plotting and outlining in great detail makes building a typed out first draft a much easier process. Being able to see all three books outlined and where triggers and seeds are planted in the broad sceme of things makes plunging into the manuscript a more confident one.

First, I thought that it would be the best thing to do in preparation for the few tricks I have up my sleeve. A series is a different beast. I could just have a round about idea on where it's going and type. Many authors do. Ultimately, I knew the end from the first day I imagined their story, but splitting it equally into digestible sections/books has been really fun and unimaginably helpful.

I'm terrible at keeping secrets. I wanna scream from the nearest mountain... er, hill... er, my front porch... whatever!

"&% @ )$(&@?"{}_@%^*)_(^%#!?<:{}) &^%&&% I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER! $(%& *@&$ &$*)% AND THEN, (*&(&% %)*#%@*^!~ @*@&@ &$^@@%!!!!!"

I thought that the excitement for publishing would lessen after my first book. Oh, how wrong I was. The thrill and anticipation has magnified. Plainly, I'm so fucking pumped I can't barely hold my shit together.

I've shown the Bait cover around to a few trusted friends and authors and the feedback is comforting. I supplied my cover designer with a very good motive for killing me with blunt force this week, but, as she does, she held my hand and produced a cover that I love. I'm thrilled to have it be the first installment in The Wake Series and I'll love adding the following installments with the same Bait "look."

If you're a blogger and would like to participate in the reveal on June 5th CLICK HERE to signup.

I was nervous about being involved with gang activity. I've heard horror stories of brawls the likes of a cyber West Side Story. Bloggers and readers on two sides, walking slowly through hot pink fog,

closer and closer, snapping their fingers to Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy. Okay. Admittedly, that doesn't sound too bad. LOL But it isn't a secret that readers and bloggers are passionate about their favorites and if that means someone has to get ballgaged on release day... "So be it," says them.

I'm confident that The Mo Stash is a very tame version of a Street Team and they are so fun! And dirty! And they have great insight into what my readers want and like. TOTAL Bonus.

If you want to join The Mo Stach, just PM my author page on Facebook. CLICK HERE.

Signed paperbacks sold FAST. Like- I wasn't expecting it at all. I created a signup doc to see if there was interest, posted it on Facebook and Twitter, and before I new it I was ordering a second shipment.

I will put a permanent link here on the website, but if you'd like to get on the list for a signed Paperback of Fade In CLICK HERE.

So that's what's up. This week was amazing and, hopefully, by the time I post again I'll be close to finished with the first draft of Bait and you'll all have seen the cover. Ooooh that gave me goosebumps!

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