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Works in progress

These projects do not have release dates. Please enjoy a little taste of what's to come, listen to the soundtracks and add them to your Goodreads To Be Read list. 


Audrey Moore's Story

*** Final synopsis coming with cover reveal.***

Here's what we know about Audrey Moore.

Audrey is an artist and sees life through a different filter than most. Where some only register black and white, she lives in panoramic Technicolor.

Knowing what happens when love goes wrong, she's determined not to make the same mistakes she's witnessed by her family and friends, alike. Young, in every sense of the word, her experiences are mostly from watching the happenings around her.

Will she dive head first into the tidal wave that is love? Or will she stay safe on the shore where she belongs?

Maybe, she'll do both. But you never forget your first, no matter how hard you try. And true love can grow from false friendships.

Over years, that once seemed to divide them, together two young lovers will learn fighting the current won't make it go away.

Love is as certain as the tide.


Shane Warren's Story

** Final synopsis coming with cover reveal. **

Shane Warren has done the right thing his whole life, but where did that get him?

Married to a materialistic woman who only demanded more and more. Oh, yeah. It also got him divorced, living with his parents again in his mid-twenties and alone. For the oldest Warren child, it seemed like the bottom kept falling out of his already low existence. Rock-bottom is hard. Not feeling strong enough to dig out? That feels like hell.

When Shane begins seeing through the fog of his depression, and realizes that life is what you make of it, he's determined to find happiness. Solo, or not.

But what happens when circumstances seem to repeat themselves and life seems too familiar? Will he fall back onto old, comfortable securities? Or will he lay the keel and brave forward to a love that is as unexpected as it is predictable?

Life is funny sometimes and things don't always play out how you plan. In this story, we'll see Shane fight old demons and come out on the other side stronger than he ever thought possible. All because of her.


Morgan Warren's Story


** Final synopsis coming with cover reveal. **

Morgan has always been level headed. Born with innate sense of right and wrong, she works hard and strives for perfection. It's the way she is.

From a very young age, she knew her life would be spent doing for others. When some children were selling lemonade for pennies, Morgan was trying to volunteer at homeless shelters. Instead of writing love notes in junior high, she wrote letters to overseas soldiers and read books about humanity.

Now, at the ripe old age of twenty, she's setting out on a life changing adventure to world far scarier, far uglier and far more evil than she ever could believe.

Faced with upholding her saint-like character, and throwing caution to the wind, the youngest Moore will learn what she's really made of. Not just the good and righteousness. Not just following the rules.

Morgan will risk her life and her heart on a course that only fate can put in front of her. And instead of her inner voice leading her, she finds her true compass in a man who is more virtuous than she. A man worth breaking the rules for.

A man who is her destiny. 

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