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"Ew. Gross. I'm infected."


Beside me, in the tousled sheets, his head slowly pivots toward me.  "Excuse me? With what?"


My announcement is alarming, considering the nature of what we've just done together. With our bodies. Our mouths. Our hands. Our genitalia, and sometimes in combinations of all four at once.


"I have an STE."


His face morphs into wildly unimpressed disgust. "Well, you sure picked a hell of a time to tell me." He shivers, but then his contrary brow—the right one—lifts. "Did you say ST...E?"


Stone-faced, I nod. In my opinion, Es can be far worse and more dangerous than Is. "I did."


"Darling, mind telling me what the fuck it is?"


I groan, fully aware that saying it out loud will only make it spread. "Sexually Transmitted Emotions. Yuck."


His bright smile confirms my diagnosis. I'm a goner.  

Meri is allergic to relationships, and Lewis is starting to doubt love too. So what's the worst that could happen if they become sex buddies? No, really what's the worst thing that could happen...because they have no idea what they're in for.

Love and Other Misdemeanors is a romantic comedy. Lovers of dry humor, dark comedy, flawed characters, genuine friendships, and finding family in unexpected places will enjoy this crazy strangers-to-lovers-to-friends fiasco.

NOTIFY ME about Love and Other Misdemeanors. 

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