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#MoSaysRead | 10–16–15

October 16, 2015

This might be the beginning. Remember how I said wanted to do some book recommending? This morning I was making a Facebook post—like I often do—about books I've recently one-clicked. It's easy to miss those posts or simply not see there are buy links, because Facebook only shows a few lines and then it gets overlooked. 


Anyway, I decided that I'd also post here. I don't have any set posting schedule, just every so often when I've accumulated a handlful of new books or if I'm seeing many people recommend. 


So here goes. These are my new beauties. 


Please keep in mind—I HAVE A PROBLEM. And it’s awesome. Hehehe.


Dirty English by Author Ilsa Madden-Mills 99¢ NEW RELEASE 
#1 on Amazon (Because I coudn't be happier.)


The Luminous Duet by Erin Noelle (Because Russian mobsters.)
Transleucent 99¢ Book 1
Transparent Book 2 - NEW RELEASE


Breaking Him by R.K. Lilley NEW RELEASE (Because that blurb)


One Immortal by Tia Louise NEW RELEASE 99¢ (Because sexy vampires and it's October. Duh.)


Wrong by Author Jana Aston NEW RELEASE (Because it sounds like such a fun read and it's being recommended by people who know good shit.)


Baking and Babies by Tara Sivec PRE-ORDER (Because Meercats and who doesn't like a well done child?)


The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy by Meghan March PRE-ORDER ALL 3 NOW! (Because—as if this needs clarification—DIRTY. BILLIONAIRE!)
Dirty Billionaire
Dirty Pleasures
Dirty Together


Dear Emily (Forever Family Book 1) by Trudy Stiles IS FREE. (One of my favorite readers told me it was a heart twister. I like that.)


Eversea by Author Natasha Boyd 99¢ (Because I recently made friends with her, I've always wanted to read it and because I saw a hot teaser for a Christmas novella that was SMOKING HOT so I have to start at the beginning. Poor me.)


The Road That Leads To Us by Micalea Smeltzer PRE-ORDER 99¢ (Because that cover won't quit. And because she sent it to me even though I'd already pre-ordered. Shhhh. I'll take two. lol)


Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance by Julianne Donaldson (Because Penny Reid said it was the most romantic and that kind of praise isn't taken lightly. PLUS... I'm in need of a full-swoon.)


Six Novels by Kate Dawes (Author) (Because I thought I'd read everything she'd written, I found out I was wrong. I haven't read Tameless or Unwreck Me. I love being wrong like that AND because 6 WHOLE BOOKS for a dollar. A DOLLAR!)



Also, I'm always looking for my ultimate favorites...male virgins. If you know of any, please shoot me an email and recommend them. They're my secret (not-so-secret) pleasure.


Happy reading.  


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